The top healthcare marketing agencies and advertising firms today look very different than they did just several years ago. Mergers and acquisitions, just like they have within the healthcare industry itself, have transformed the industry landscape. Yet there is something lacking in these big organizations…and if you’ve ever partnered with one of them, you have likely experienced it. Unless your organization is a sizable national health plan, health system or health technology firm, you’re likely working with the “C team” at these national firms. This is especially true if your organization has a modest budget. That’s why marketing firms like Activate Health are still the best choice for most mid-size healthcare entities and health technology companies. We offer the same level of strategic and creative capabilities—from social media to digital marketing—along with premier service you won’t find from anyone else. This includes collaboration and insights from a leadership team of former marketing vice presidents, agency CEOs and marketing directors with decades of combined experience.

What does it mean to be among the top healthcare marketing agencies?
If you’re looking for a new agency partner and your initial google search involves seeking out the “top” healthcare marketing agencies, rethinking what that actually means may be the best approach. This includes an emphasis on both skills and service. Because in our world, being the best at what we do means reducing your workload, helping your organization succeed in a competitive industry and making you look good. Being the best at something should be based on delivering results for the client, not how many awards are won or how many accolades are earned.

We aren’t the only ones decrying the big agency model. According to AdWeek, this era of domination by large industry players in the ad agency space may be coming to a close and smaller firms are the way of the future. The article also details that today’s big brands want agencies that can act as true partners in their success. That flexibility and service can only be found in today’s boutique marketing firms. When it comes to top healthcare advertising agencies, size also matters, but not in the way you might think. One agency executive remarked to AdWeek in the same article, “The CEO of one of our clients told us recently: ‘My agency brought nine vice presidents to a meeting. We no longer work with that agency.’ ” According to the author, the next time you go to a client meeting, ask why you really need more than five people. You’re likely to find that the answer is not results or service but instead showmanship and billings–which for nine people can be in the thousands of dollars! A small boutique advertising agency that is laser-focused on your needs and not just winning, but keeping your business, may be a far better partner to your organization in the long run. When a leading publication like AdWeek starts saying that the days of big marketing firms are over, it’s time to take note. So the next time you’re searching for “top healthcare marketing agencies” think about what that really means to you, your customers and your organization’s budget. If the answer is just prestige, you may want to think again.

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