LTCG, a leading insurance administrator, has received numerous consumer and B2B PR mentions in prominent insurance publications including The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg this month, thanks to its healthcare PR agency Activate Health. The marketing firm’s strategic public relations support positioned LTCG’s CEO as a thought leader in the long term care insurance and benefits space. LTCG is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm, taking on the administration of long term care insurance policies for top insurance carriers like New York Life, Transamerica, Nationwide and John Hancock. The company is also a long-term client of health care PR firm Activate Health.

Activate Health’s ability to secure B2B PR and consumer media coverage like this is a big part of the reason its client retention rate exceeds 95% annually. These clients include all types of benefits and insurance providers as well as leading healthcare organizations. It’s common for a healthcare PR agency of this size to have incredible turnover in both staffing and clients—showing that selling and maintaining these relationships are two very different things.

At the same time, B2B clients also have to be realistic about their public relations goals. Not every story is fodder for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times even though these consumer outlets can be effective at reaching business executives. Starting small, by securing coverage in B2B trade publications, often makes sense as a foundation for the future and is far more targeted. Below are just a few of the trade media outlets we’ve found to be successful in reaching the key buyers and influencers specifically for our B2B healthcare and insurance clients:

Of course, there are numerous other strong outlets for targeting healthcare and technology leaders. From there, a good healthcare PR agency will build on this momentum over time, tracking trends and stories in the industry that align with their client’s solutions and capabilities. Only then should the PR firm begin pitching story ideas to the reporters in their circle of influence. In fact, your efforts to select the right healthcare PR agency should include an analysis of the types of coverage they’ve secured in the past year (reporters frequently change jobs and so these relationships change over time), an assessment of any PR or media relations plans they’ve developed, and a review of the quality of content they’ve drafted on behalf of their clients. But before you do, make sure you understand your unique goals, whether it’s thought leadership, brand awareness or lead generation (which is difficult, but not impossible to achieve through targeted PR blended with integrated content marketing support).

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