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Turning a patient engagement research study into a compelling healthcare white paper through strategic content marketing.
Based in Washington, D.C., the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) advocates for leading specialty pharmacies nationwide, striving to educate healthcare stakeholders like health plans, drug manufacturers, physicians and consumers about the value these pharmacies provide. As part of this mission, the NASP developed a patient engagement survey to be used across its member pharmacies, showcasing how their customer experience efforts have paid off in terms of patient satisfaction. Turning this data into a fact-based healthcare white paper required a marketing agency with a strategic understanding of this industry, content marketing savvy, and sound creative direction. Fortunately, Activate Health was able to bring all of these capabilities to the table and successfully executed on this content strategy, helping the NASP raise awareness of its survey results and effectively educate its various stakeholders through a data-driven healthcare white paper.

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This process began and ended with data. In fact, we received volumes of data from the NASP patient survey project for this healthcare white paper, which consisted of benchmark and satisfaction data from leading specialty pharmacies across the nation. As a result, the first order of business was the creation of graphics and charts that summarized this information in an at-a-glance, easy to read format including bubble charts, infographics and other information design tools. The white paper itself required a thoughtful narrative that put this data into perspective, explaining how and why the industry needed to improve in the area of patient satisfaction, and what this means for various stakeholders including payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients themselves. This aligned with key trends in the market such as the shift toward value-based care, quality monitoring and data sharing among healthcare entities.

We conducted research into these trends and issues, providing color and interest for a healthcare white paper that otherwise would have been a tough read given the amount of data and analysis it contained. At the completion of the project, our team had successfully executed on this content marketing strategy, helping the NASP raise awareness of its survey results and effectively educate its various stakeholders. This healthcare white paper was promoted through a variety of avenues including public relations tactics and email marketing, and a lead capture strategy allowed the NASP to effectively monitor and measure its success.


Activate Health took on not only the analysis of volumes of data contained in NASP’s patient surveys, but also a rigorous process of third-party research about trends, opportunities and challenges within the areas of patient satisfaction and specialty pharmacy.


This healthcare white paper was created as a tool for building awareness among various constituents, including the media the legislators as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers and patients.


Promotion of the paper through email marketing and public relations allowed the NASP to drive traffic to its site and measure its success while capturing valuable leads for possible new members.


healthcare white paper

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