DesignRush, a B2B marketplace focused on connecting brands with specialized agencies, recently named Activate Health in their quarterly list of top digital marketing companies helping businesses better understand the market and reach target audiences via digital marketing channels.

Activate Health, a boutique agency with offices in Phoenix and Nashville, was recently named among the top marketing and PR firms to hire for healthcare digital marketing services. In an increasingly digital world, patients and consumers can do extensive online research before making healthcare decisions. A strong digital marketing strategy is critical to reaching the right audience at the right time, but it can be difficult for healthcare organizations to keep up. “As the number of marketing methods increases along with new ways of approaching online campaigning, businesses are in greater need than ever to use specialist marketing expertise to help them stand out in the market,” according to experts at DesignRush. This is particularly true in healthcare, given its closely monitored HIPAA regulations and the complexity of the industry.

Thanks to decades of combined experience in marketing and public relations roles at health plans, health technology firms and healthcare advertising firms, Activate Health has unmatched knowledge of the healthcare industry from all sides. We currently work with some of the largest and most well-known health insurers in the nation as well as specialty pharmacies, health information technology firms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and health systems.

Along with expertise in healthcare digital marketing services, Activate Health brings a strategic approach to all their marketing and branding efforts, translating client needs into creative work that exceeds expectations. Even public relations efforts begin with detailed research into health and health technology media opportunities, target markets and thoughtful product positioning before pitching begins. As a result, we have secured incredible B2B trade media coverage across leading publications in the hospital, health insurer, population health and mobile health spaces.

If your team is seeking a healthcare digital marketing services partner to elevate your digital marketing strategy, branding or public relations, we’d welcome the chance to speak with you. Contact us here.