Activate Health is pleased to be ranked number one on Design Rush’s list of top graphic design firms. Design Rush is a B2B marketplace that connects brands with agencies and features some of the top agencies around the world. The organization’s annual list included other competitive design agencies hand-picked for their excellence in branding and design skills.

Reasons for top rankings by Design Rush included impactful brand messaging, strong relationships with clients and significant ROI. Specifically, Activate Health was recognized for helping health insurers, health technology firms, health systems and data analytics companies gain a better grasp of their markets and for leveraging eye-catching, meaningful design that resonates with audiences.

Design Rush’s list of top graphic design firms was detailed in a news release and also included a description of the five channels where graphic design matters most.

Choose channels that characterize your brand
Not all channels are created equal when it comes to communicating a brand’s signature look and feel. That’s why many companies advising design, like Design Rush, also included the top five channels that depend on strong graphic design principles. Among these were infographics, videos, email marketing, social media and charts, data and presentations.

Imagine infographics in a new light
Infographics often feature underwhelming design, overused icons and far too much content. Yet their multi-faceted ability to visually appeal to and inform an audience is invaluable. An effective infographic should provide a compelling headline, incorporate original graphics and illustrations throughout, exemplify brand colors and supplement the story being told by data (or very brief content).

Use animated and virtual video to enhance storytelling
Animated video is always a creative way to put a spin on the traditional marketing campaign. It’s been proven that people recall text better when it’s accompanied by images, and animated imagery provides a fun and fast-paced way to tell any story. Graphic design firms can make video content stand out by incorporating motion graphics, animated GIFs and more. Marketing agencies like Activate Health can also offer 3D video designed for virtual reality platforms as a means to make any brand’s story a truly immersive experience.

Emphasize effective emails
Including engaging graphics in moderation can drive significant results. Well-branded banners, playful illustration and stunning imagery paired with just a touch of content are effective ways to add a touch of style to your email marketing campaign.

Strive for social media that strikes a chord
Social media is an ideal space to make design a priority. Not only are visuals expected from audiences on social media, but they also increase click-through rates. Some platforms, like Pinterest and Instagram, rely almost entirely on visual content. When considering how to use images on social media, savvy graphic design firms optimize size and quality, present a compelling graphic and include visuals that support consumer engagement with the brand.

Ditch drab presentations and dull data
In designing charts, data and presentations, meaning often gets lost in text-heavy content. Many corporate PowerPoint presentations get weighted down by massive blocks of content which are best left to other channels like content marketing and print. In fact, studies have shown that 20 percent of companies (including graphic design firms!) find that using more visuals in their data presentations creates increased engagement. Incorporating powerful graphics into presentations helps businesses create a strong brand identity that resonates with any audience.

Visit the entire list of graphic design firms and channels ranked by Design Rush on We’re also proud to have been named a top healthcare digital marketing agency by Design Rush in 2020!