A website serves as a company’s digital calling card to the world. It not only tells customers that you’re here, you’re live and ready to do business, it also introduces visitors to your brand’s mission, values and unique products or services.

Depending on its design and structure, websites are also extremely flexible, allowing you to regularly post fresh content as well as demonstrate brand continuity with static text and graphics. Multi-page website designs and expandable menus allow companies to reach several different audiences at once, and not only your target customers and prospects. In addition, this presence communicates to potential hires, journalists looking to write a story and industry analysts tracking trends, while stakeholders and potential investors can quickly review announcements, financial statements, case studies, press releases and more to determine the health of an organization.

Best of all, your website serves both as home to your latest content as well as an archive to capture your organization’s history.

At Activate Health, a boutique digital healthcare agency, we work with clients in all aspects of the healthcare industry—from health insurers, hospitals and health systems to health tech and medical device companies—to devise effective, strategic solutions for our clients’ content marketing needs.

For more than 10 years, our digital healthcare agency has created and secured compelling, highly targeted earned, owned, shared and paid content that drives traffic to clients’ web sites and social channels to enhance their brand’s reputation and elevate their search engine rankings.

That’s why we are pleased to be listed as one of DesignRush’s Top Creative Agencies to Hire in 2021 list in the Digital Agency category. We thank the folks at DesignRush for recognizing us a leader in digital content development and design. From developing a company’s verbal and visual identity to thought leadership, advertorials, and social media outreach, we help healthcare entities advance their brand and engage in dialogues with their audiences every day.

To learn more about how our digital healthcare agency can help your brand, contact us.