recently released its list of the nation’s top creative and B2B marketing agencies, in an annual report developed by the leading research firm. Clutch chose the “best of the best” using the criteria of thought leadership, quality of services and ability to deliver results to a diverse range of clientele. The 2019 report highlighted over 560 B2B marketing agencies of different categories based on the types of services or specialty provided by each.

Just like it sounds, the aim of online reputation management is to proactively improve a company’s digital reputation. This may involve strategies that can help companies prevent and manage negative online commentary and bad press. But it also involves bolstering positive content via social media and public relations to offset the impact of the negative online mentions. The key to effective online reputation management is monitoring for potential issues and addressing them before a company receives negative feedback.

Online reputation issues can arise in any number of ways—through a variety of platforms used every day by companies looking to communicate with their customers, whether those are consumers (B2C) or other companies (B2B). This is especially common in the world of healthcare. Health plans, health systems and health technology companies all have one thing in common—they all deal with negative online feedback and occasionally, even a negative news story in trade or consumer media.

For example, B2B marketing agencies know all too well that responding to negative comments on social media or negative reviews on sites like Healthgrades is a necessity. This process is different from other types of feedback because it’s a two-way response system. Individuals expect your company to care about and respond to what they have to say. When you’re faced with unsavory comments or reviews, the best approach is to respond courteously to these reviews and show empathy without taking on blame directly. It’s helpful to keep in mind when writing individual reviews that you’re drafting a response for future customers to see—how you react will shape people’s opinions of your company.

Dealing with the fallout from negative press is another example where online reputation management is critical. When leading health insurer Anthem experienced a massive data breech in 2015, it received a staggering amount of coverage in a wide variety of consumer and business press outlets. These results showed up on the first page of search results during the first several weeks of negative coverage, making them visible for all of the company’s customers to see. This coverage was not just a short-term issue; it had a lasting impact on the company’s online reputation. Fortunately, Anthem and other large healthcare organizations usually have B2B marketing agencies on retainer to deal with these types of PR and online reputation management issues.

If you are unsure where to start in managing your online reputation, specialized B2B marketing agencies like Activate Health can provide skilled assistance in improving how your company is viewed online. We have the know-how to help you manage any existing reputation issues and prevent negative online comments from damaging how customers perceive your organization in the future. (You can also read more about best practices for managing online reputation via your online reviews and comments, social media and SEO here.) If you are looking for a top-rated B2B marketing agency that can help you transform your online reputation management or public relations for healthcare clients, contact us today.

View the full list that includes Activate Health and other B2B marketing agencies across the nation selected by Clutch for their skills in online reputation management. Some of the leaders that joined Activate Health in receiving a high ranking include Adoni Media, Brandware, Fractl, Gvate, Label 428, Media Theory, Neumann Paige Inc, SEO Image and Zehnder Communications. We’re also proud to have been selected as one of the top web design healthcare agencies of 2020 by Design Rush!

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