We are back with another monthly recap to help busy healthcare marketers and communications professionals stay ahead of the latest news in the industry.

The COVID-19 virus remains in the headlines as new vaccines gain approval. Monkeypox, another virus affecting public health, comes into focus as infection rates increase across the country. On the regulatory front, health insurers’ prices are about to go public, and the Department of Justice is making defendants pay up as a result of telehealth scams. Finally, Amazon is entering the healthcare space head on with the purchase of One Medical, valued at $3.9 billion.



HHS extends pandemic public health emergency

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has renewed the COVID-19 public health emergency through Oct. 13. This emergency declaration grants Americans free COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and testing, and provides added flexibility for services such as telehealth.

FDA grants EUA for Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine

The FDA authorized the use of the Novavax COVID-19 vaccine, which uses a more traditional protein-based formulation that may appeal to people who are concerned about mRNA vaccines. The CDC still needs to give approval to the two-dose vaccine before it can be made available to the public.

FDA grants full approval to Pfizer/BioNTech adolescent COVID-19 vaccine

The co-developed COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer and BioNTech now has FDA approval for children ages 12 to 15. The approval comes after the competition of a study conducted on 2,260 adolescents where 30 cases of COVID-19 were found in the placebo group and none in the group that was vaccinated.



Primary care provider One Medical is latest Amazon buy

Amazon is acquiring primary medical chain, One Medical, in an all-cash transaction valued at $3.9 billion. As Amazon makes a sizable entrance to the healthcare sector, The Carlyle Group will fully step away from One Medical.

3M to spin off $8.6B healthcare business to publicly traded company

By the end of 2023, material science company 3M plans to split its healthcare ventures into two publicly traded companies – New 3M and Health Care. 



Senate Dems reach draft deal to extend ACA premiums, lower drug costs

A bill has been proposed to extend boosted premiums granted by the American Rescue Act into 2025 and allow Medicare to negotiate select prescription drug pricing in 2026.

How much health insurers pay for almost everything is about to go public

Beginning July 1, health insurers are required to post pricing they’ve negotiated with providers for all healthcare services aside from prescription drugs taken at home. In 2023, insurers will be required to make this massive amount of data more accessible to consumers.

DOJ charges 36 over $1.2B in phony telehealth claim fraud schemes

Thirty-six defendants were charged by the Department of Justice for a series of actions that led to $1.2 billion in medical fraud, most of which stemmed from phony telehealth claims.



Consumers want a more connected, personalized healthcare experience, CVS study reveals

A 2022 Health Care Insights Study determined that consumers are now determined to restart their health and wellness journeys. And after many delayed their care due to COVID-19, consumers are looking to do so in a personalized, engaging way with healthcare providers.



California will tackle high drug prices by making its own low-cost insulin, Newsom says

Gov. Gavin Newsom plans to manufacture insulin for those in California at a price close to its cost. He plans to do so through a recently signed state budget allotting $100 million for the state to make its own insulin.



CDC plans to make monkeypox a notifiable condition

Effective Aug. 1, the CDC is making monkeypox a nationally notifiable condition, requiring states across the country to share surveillance data and case numbers. This will give the CDC a better understanding of how far and fast the virus is spreading.