This year has seen a demand for digital marketing like never before, especially in the healthcare space where we’ve seen a boom in trends like AI, telehealth and virtual patient engagement. We’re proud to be mentioned alongside other top digital firms on DesignRush’s recent list of the top general and healthcare digital marketing agencies for 2020.

DesignRush, founded in 2017, serves businesses seeking out professional marketing partners or consultants by providing ranking and analysis of general and healthcare digital marketing agencies in the US. According to the press release distributed by DesignRush, organizations looking to partner with digital experts for their marketing initiatives can benefit from these agencies’ expertise in areas such as analytics, lead targeting and nurturing, and a leg up on the industry’s latest trends. At Activate Health, we’re thrilled to be named on their list of the top digital marketing agencies for 2020.

Other notable companies, both general and healthcare digital marketing agencies, named on DesignRush’s list include:

Our team at Activate Health has deep knowledge of healthcare—spanning from specialty pharmacy to health IT and patient engagement solutions. For organizations in our industry looking for healthcare digital marketing agencies that can support efforts like lead generation, targeted outreach and graphic design, it’s helpful to have a partner with firsthand knowledge of your business. Our creative staff works in lockstep with our leadership and research team to pinpoint the specific strategies and tactics that help our clients communicate the right messages to their key audiences at the right time.

Today, healthcare digital marketing agencies—and general marketing firms—are tasked with developing exceptional digital experiences that translate to measurable results. That’s why our digital team at Activate Health is comprised of industry experts who know how to elevate your digital marketing, from SEO to blog curation and social.

As the digital marketing space is constantly evolving, our team also stays abreast of emerging trends that engage our clients’ key audiences in novel ways. Digital isn’t just an option any longer—it’s a necessity! And for busy in-house marketing teams, healthcare digital marketing agencies like Activate Health can serve as a valuable partner in your success. If your organization is looking for a team to enhance your digital reach, contact us today.